Connecting Worlds assists you understand your development needs through a comprehensive series of learning tools and a Coaching Program delivered at your own pace and at your own premises. Connecting Worlds helps identify your preferred learning style that will enhance the creation of your development goals. Tailor-made tools evaluate the achievement of your goals in alignment with your organization's business issues and values. Connecting Worlds trains you in task and people based competencies that will help your organization effectively plan resources through an agreed development framework: creating a yin yang balance.

Task based Competencies

Managing Strategic R&D

Strategic R&D Management starts from the premise that R&D is integrated into the very structure of the organization. The aim is to improve R&D as it relates to other functions, rather than the function itself. Connecting Worlds will not review the basics of R&D management with you, but will develop a new business perspective that makes sense to you and your organization.

Competency Based Interviewing

Connecting Worlds promotes a particular type of structured interviewing in which the questioning process is directed at ascertaining the candidate's qualities or capabilities. This involves eliciting specific examples from the candidates and describing situations where they might or might not have demonstrated required behaviors (e.g. decision making)

Effective Performance Management

Connecting Worlds links a performance review mechanism to the review dialogue, teaches effective listening & feedback skills and promotes effective preparation for each step of the process. A "What, When & How" accomplishment plan is deployed to manage and assess final performance.

Managing a Project

Many methods and techniques are deployed in mature organizations to manage a project. Connecting Worlds will focus on the particular needs, events and actions present in your organization and will customize relevant tools and techniques to support the uniqueness of your business environment.

Managing a Program

Many methods and techniques are deployed in mature organizations to manage a series of projects which are characterized by related common interests. Connecting Worlds will examine the interrelations between projects and help the organization examine its priorities based on its particular needs, events and actions and will customize relevant tools and techniques to support the uniqueness of your program environment.

Starting a Business

The process of transforming innovative ideas into commercially viable businesses is the most powerful force known to us today. Connecting Worlds helps you to understand the legal environment, locate financial sources and engage in strategic planning using your own business case.

Managing a Business

Starting a business is one thing, managing it properly is a different animal. Connecting Worlds introduces elements that may not guarantee the growth and success of your business, but will help you determine how to monitor & control its behavior to grow successfully.

People based Competencies

Leadership Journey

Connecting Worlds accompanies you on the journey towards: ensuring a better balance between a "task" and "people" focus; breaking down the silo mentality; preparing teams to more readily engage in decision-making processes; placing more emphasis on the development of people; and better role modeling of your company core values.

Managing Managers

Managing managers addresses core actions such as directing, delegating, coaching and accountability; leading by example; clarifying and communicating organization values. Connecting Worlds will help your organization develop capabilities through the use of a talent pipeline. This pipeline characterizes the nature of changes in managing and leading that occur as individuals move through the leadership pipeline and identifies and proactively responds to the need for change.

Influencing & Persuasion Skills for Managers

Connecting Worlds uses tools and methods to increase your self-awareness and understand how your own behavior impacts and influences your work colleagues. Similarly, it helps you understand how to apply a model for persuading your work colleagues to achieve positive outcomes.

Coaching Program

Connecting Worlds will guide you in enhancing your coaching skills, behavior and capabilities and to develop members of your organization's identified talent pool.

Developing Talent

Connecting Worlds deploys personal development within the broader concept of professional development to identify and develop talent. It also provides your organization with the strategies to use this process for your career advancement.

Training the Trainer

Organizations increasingly endorse the concept that managers are trainers of their own closest team members. This is a very dynamic module which makes use of your own real life situational examples.

Leading a Business

Connecting Worlds introduces a variety of situational business cases, such as: leadership alignment, market analysis, business analysis; strategic alternatives and operations planning. This module runs together with Starting a Business and Managing a Business.